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Paul DeLong's ONE WORD
Jeff Jones Trio

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Thunderdome Sounds
The BTBs
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Pat is excited to be managing Paul DeLong’s ONE WORD and the Jeff Jones Trio while also working with a couple of brand new projects... jazz/funk/R&B trio Thunderdome Sounds and jazz fusion band The BTBs.
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 any of these bands, or if you require additional information


Acoustic, classic, originals, rock...all your favourites from the 60s, 70s and 80s, the Jeff Jones Trio set the bar
for unique setups and performances. Juno award winner JeffJones made his debut in the rock world in the band Ocean with the number one hit "Put Your Hand in the Hand". He has toured and recorded with Tom Cochrane,
Red Rider, The Carpet Frogs (as Burton Cummings backing band), Bachman- Cummings and Lawrence Gowan (Styx) among others. Performing with Jeff are "Frog" bandmates drummer/vocalist Sean Fitzsimons and guitarist/vocalist Michael Zweig. Take a little stroll down memory lane as the Jeff Jones Trio play your most loved classics.

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Juno award winners Eddie Bullen, one of the most gifted jazz pianists of his generation, and legendary drummer, educator and author Paul DeLong have joined forces, along with multi-instrumentalist Quincy Bullen to perform together as Thunderdome Sounds. Three extraordinary artists, whose diversity and skills blend and merge smoothly, covering everything from contemporary jazz to funk to R&B. A rare opportunity to catch one of the most dynamic trios you’ll have the pleasure of hearing.

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We’re not at liberty to divulge what the acronym stands for but it’s sweet, rich and a very Canadian dessert. Self-described as jazz, funk and fusion The BTBs are all this and more. They are Edward Kopala, producing some of the sweetest and melodic guitar sounds, Bob Bilton whose bass just purrs, and Juno award-winning drummer Paul DeLong who brings it all together with panache… three accomplished musicians who are in total sync with each other. Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Glen Campbell, Pat Metheny and Miles Davis are just a few of the artists The BTBs cover. Beautiful music to take you through any day or night.


Considered Canadian music royalty, Paul DeLong’s many successes during his career have coalesced into his

passion project, jazz-fusion band Paul DeLong’s ONE WORD. Juno award winner, multi-platinum artist, author

and educator, DeLong’s work spans many genres of music including funk, Afro-Cuban, rock and jazz.

Performing fusion classics by Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Jeff Beck, Return to Forever and many

more, Paul DeLong’s ONE WORD includes the extraordinary talents of artists Victoria Yeh (electric violin),

Marco Luciani (keyboards), Steve Lucas (bass) and Michael Murray (lead guitar).

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Marco Luciani, Paul DeLong's ONE WORD-89
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